A Fisherman’s Tail

buy provigil south africa Jerry Jerome, one of Dunewood’s ardent fisherman, was one mile off shore from the Fire Island Lighthouse on Captain Al’s boat when he and some of his family members noticed quite a commotion in the water. They pulled the boat over to get a closer look. What they saw was quite a surprise. A tremendous striped-bass leaped out from the water in shock after being bitten in its tail by a hammerhead shark. Ace fisherman Jerome, without his fishing pole, reached over with his large net and pulled in the 40-pound striped bass as other hammerheads began to circle. This was a perfect birthday gift for Jerry Jerome who was out for his annual birthday fishing adventure.

Arris Jerry may not have had the first bite, but the Jerome family and their friends had last licks at Saturday night’s dinner table.

Take a close look at the tail, the hammerhead’s teeth marks are larger than Jerry’s hand.

Photo: Copyright – Ellen S. Abramowitz c. 2015

Ace fisherman Jerry Jerome

Ace fisherman Jerry Jerome with his 40 pound bass on Dunewood’s “L-Dock”

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