Recycling Guidelines

The following guidelines concerning recycling must be followed.
paramountly Glass, cans, and bottles:
1. Must be placed in tan wrap can or receptacle clearly labeled.
2. No cardboard Milk or cardboard O. J.  cartons can be mixed in.
3. Plastic bags are absolutely prohibited.


Newspaper, magazines, cardboard:

1. Newspaper and Magazines must be placed in paper bags or bundled with twine. Don’t place in the tan wrap can, garbage pails,or cardboard boxes.

2. Cardboard boxes must be broken down flat and bundled less than 3 feet. Boxes not broken down will be left.
3. Styrofoam goes with the garbage not recycling.
Please do not mix the two categories. Everything must be separated as stated or it will be left and taken as garbage.
E-Cycle (electrical recyling) for small items only.
Small eletrical items, ie: Blowdryer, Iron, small toaster should be placed in a visable location either on top of trash containers or rack.  If larger electrical items must be discarded during peak season please contact JMA directly.  If any electrical items are co-mingled with other household garbage – trash will not be collected from those particular receptacles.

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