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Freight Info for Dunewood

Posted: 7/14/2014

If you are a homeowner or renter and would like to set up a credit card account for freight boat services, please stop by the freight office or call 631-647-3055, Mon Thru Friday between 11:00 am and 3:30 pm.  The freight house is looking to streamline their billing and make the process easier for all of those concerned.

Click the blue link for freight information or go to the Fire Island Ferry website: buy cheap generic Seroquel

Freight Info 631-647-3055

Email us:

NO Lumber/Building supplies will be accepted after 9:30am. NO Lumber/Building supplies are accepted on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays from commercial, or private deliveries.

Building supplies include: kitchen cabinets, plumbing supplies/fixtures, windows/doors, tile, flooring, paneling, bulk landscape supplies, fireplaces, stairs, hot tubs, etc.

When Fire Islanders need to order new household goods such as: bedding, furniture and appliances.  We request that you do not ship them to us, until your homes are repaired and you can take immediate possession. Due to the relatively small size of these buildings and the vast quantities of freight that will pass through these communities, the freight houses can only be considered as temporary waypoints for your freight. We are not able to warehouse goods. Please arrange to have your freight picked up on the day it is delivered.

All freight going to or from Fire Island must be labeled with NAME and DESTINATION (i.e. – “John Doe – Ocean Beach”), please have each item labeled. FI Ferries employees will not label freight, so if someone else or a vendor is making the delivery to us please inform them it is their responsibility to label each item (most shipping companies are very cooperative as long as they know ahead of time). Please remember that without a name and destination on the address label we will not accept any deliveries.

F.I. Ferries is not a postal office and cannot accept any parcel post or mail in care of our customers. All mail and parcel post items must be shipped to your respective post offices on Fire Island (Ocean Beach – year round, Saltaire – seasonal, Kismet – seasonal). Anything shipped via the US mail service in care of F.I. Ferries will be returned to sender.

When shipping via UPS, Fed Ex, Airborne or any of the other shipping services please label your freight as follows: John Doe/Ocean Beach 99 Maple Ave. Bay Shore NY 11706Jane Smith – Fair Harbor99 Maple Ave.Bay Shore NY 11706

We have freight house in Bay Shore, Due to the relatively small size of this building and the vast quantities of freight that pass through our communities, the freight houses can only be considered as temporary waypoints for your freight. We are not able to warehouse goods for any length of time. Please arrange to have your freight picked up as close as possible to the shipping date. For those unable or unwilling to comply with this request: we are not responsible for any freight held for 7 days or more; storage charges will begin to accrue after 14 days (equal to freight charge for each 7 day period); we reserve the right to dispose of anything left more than 30 days at customers expense.

Atlantique, Dunewood and Kismet do not have freight houses. As a result, all freight must have a shipping date. For those of you who are dropping off freight yourselves please put a shipping date on each item. For those who are having freight shipped to them via UPS or common carrier, please call (631) 647-3055 at least a day ahead of time (Mon. – Fri. 7:00am through 3:30pm) to let us know of your intended shipping date. When you call make sure to ask for someone in the freight department to facilitate the proper communication.

All freight boats are scheduled to leave Bay Shore at 10:00am.
Weather permitting, we run Monday through Friday year round. During the height of the season, we also run on Saturdays
(from mid-April to Mid-October), call for actual dates.

For same day deliveries we will accept shipments from 7:30am to 9:30am at the foot of Maple Ave. Please inform shippers that the earlier the better. Please give us the courtesy of a phone call for any large shipments so we can make the proper space accommodations.
Thank you.

We will accept commercial deliveries (see restrictions below)
Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm
Saturdays (when freight boat runs) 7:00am to 9:30am

Deliveries attempted during other times will be refused and
trucks will be turned away.

Lumber Restrictions:

Lumber/Building supplies are only accepted for same day delivery.

NO Lumber/Building supplies will be accepted after 9:30am.

NO Lumber/Building supplies are accepted on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

Building supplies include: kitchen cabinets, plumbing supplies/fixtures, windows/doors, tile, flooring, paneling, bulk landscape supplies, fireplaces, stairs, hot tubs, etc.

If in doubt please call.

Liquor will only be accepted for same day shipment, deliveries will only be accepted between 7:00am and 9:45am (Monday – Saturday).

Personal freight: please make an effort to have all boxes, cartons, crates etc. labeled and sealed properly. We will not be responsible for any items in unsealed containers and reserve the right to refuse such containers. Please do not use plastic garbage bags to ship your freight; too often they look like plastic bags of garbage. You are responsible for labeling your freight. The unusually hectic nature of freight and the large numbers of people to deal with has forced us to stipulate that FI Ferries employees not label anyone’s freight; after all you know where you want your freight to go. If you are dropping off your own freight in Bay Shore, the freight house will be accessible whenever the terminal is open. Please remember we are operating in a marine environment that is beyond our control. Your freight is being shipped on boats, on the water. We are subject to wind conditions, salt spray conditions and fog conditions as well as the normal rain, sleet, snow and sun variables. If you are worried about it, protect it. We strive to make sure all freight we ship is protected from the elements, but you are ultimately responsible for the proper safeguarding of your property.

Please inform any of your vendors that ship via truck of some basic tenets. All freight must be labeled. All freight must be properly protected (i.e.- we will refuse any new furniture that is not boxed, wrapped or otherwise protected). All freight must be delivered only during the hours previously mentioned. All freight that requires a signature will be accounted for by the number of pieces received. We will only sign a shipping document if we are provided with a copy of said document. We have made a rather substantial investment in equipment (forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, training, etc.). Please have your vendors take advantage of this, any freight that can come pre-palletized and shrink-wrapped can be easily and quickly off-loaded, saving both sides time and headaches (remember though that if we receive one pallet of freight we will sign for one pallet – we do not count the number of pieces within the pallet). The condition we receive your freight is generally the condition you receive your freight. No claims can be made for freight once it leaves our care and custody. We are not responsible for hidden damages; those claims must be made to the original shipper. We have an astoundingly good record within the shipping industry, yet mistakes do happen.

Please bring any problems to our attention immediately.

Due to limited inside storage, many items will be restricted to outside storage. We are not responsible for any items left outside overnight. Aside from the obvious gas containers, gas powered equipment, propane tanks and bbq grills, other items requiring outside storage include (but not restricted to): kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, sailboats, jet skis, dinghies, soiled laundry, nursery stock, lumber, building supplies (see above), golf carts and bicycles.

We would like to make your freight shipping experience as painless and expeditious as possible. Your cooperation will help immensely.
If you have any questions, please call and ask to speak to the freight department.
Thank you.

(631) 647-3055
Kismet, Saltaire, Fair Harbor, Dunewood, Atlantique, Ocean Beach, Seaview, and Ocean Bay Park.


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