Dunewood Yacht Club – Registration Form

tremendously Dunewood Waiver for Sailing & Swimming

Rochester Hills DYC Registration Form 

Click the blue link to register for sailing classes and private lessons. We accept all major credit cards with the exception of American Express. Checks should be made payable to “DPOA.” Please print and fill out waver and provide with payment.

The class schedule will be the same as last year:
9am – Racing
11am – Solo class
1,2,3pm – Beginner classes

Please show up 5 minutes early for registration & swim tests, and feel free to email info@dunewoodyachtclub.com if there are any further questions.
See you soon!

Racing ClassZach pushing off solo studentsShear glee solo class   Maddy Racing 2


Photographs: Ellen S. Abramowitz – Copyright c. 2012

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