The Perpetual – 2014

This Perpetual trophy has been coveted by the community since its inception in 1962. It is awarded each year to the student in racing class that has demonstrated masterful skill, devotion, and attitude.

drably Congratulations to Sam Bither the 52nd Perpetual Trophy Winner!

Maddy Fritz the 2013 Perpetual winner and DYC instructor handing Sam Bither the Perpetual Trophies


Sam in flight….

Happiness and some big smiles form the Bither family!

Photographs: Ellen S. Abramowitz – Copyright c. 2014


Dunewood Yacht Club (DYC) Fun Day – August 29th, 2014 Fun Day at the DYC!

Festivities included: Water balloon contest, scavenger hunt, plus the traditional watermelon race.  After the activities finished, students gobbled down the surviving watermelons, plus  chocolate candies, which were hand served by head instructor – Oliver Roth.

Click on the first small image below to see slide show:

Photos: Ellen S. Abramowitz – Copyright c. 2014